Pass Your EMT Test the First Time

You can begin an exciting career as an EMT by passing the National Registry Emergency Medical Technician Basic exam (NREMT-B). EMT work is fast-paced and exciting. When you find a job with a hospital, local government, or private ambulance service as a Basic EMT, you'll have the opportunity to help save people's lives on a regular basis. Few occupations are as intense or as rewarding.

But before you can start your EMT career, you need to pass the NREMT-B. EMT Test has a variety of study resources to help you prepare for your NREMT exam. With customizable tests from EMT Test, you'll be able to pass your EMT exam on your first try, guaranteed!



About the NREMT-B Exam

The NREMT-B exam is a two-hour exam. The exam is broken into two sections a computer-based multiple-choice question section and a practical exam section in which the test-taker must demonstrate their EMT skills. You must score at least 85% in order to pass the exam and be certified as a Basic EMT. Some of the topics covered by the EMT test include CPR, airway and ventilation management, bleeding control, first aid, patient assessment, shock management, and immobilization skills.

At EMT Test you can take a variety of practice tests that simulate the actual NREMT-B exam. Through EMT Test's powerful learning site you'll be able to refresh your memory, amp up your studying, prepare for the format of the test, and even train for the practical portion of the exam. EMT Test's practice exams in particular are extremely valuable tools for helping EMT students succeed on the NREMT-B exam.

Gain the Knowledge You will Need to Pass Your EMT Test

The main topics covered on the NREMT-B exam are cardio, airway and breathing, medical, OB/GYN, pediatrics, trauma, and EMS operations. With EMT Test you can take a randomized test that puts equal weight in each category or you can customize your tests to focus on the subject areas that you need the most help with. The goal of EMT Test is to provide you with practice exam questions that will optimize your chances of passing the exam. That's why the questions offered by EMT Test are all written by experienced EMTs with extensive knowledge of the NREMT-B exam. Questions on the EMT Test site are also reviewed by physicians to ensure medical accuracy and are frequently updated to best simulate the ever-changing NREMT-B exam.

Find the Study Method that Works for You

EMT Test understands that different people have different study methods. Taking practice exams is one of the most effective ways to study for the NREMT-B exam, but EMT Test also offers study guides, EMT flashcards, live help, and other study resources to help EMT students with varied study strategies succeed on the EMT exam. No matter how you like to study or how much you need to study before your EMT exam, EMT Test has the resources you'll need in order to pass your NREMT-B exam on your first try, guaranteed.

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