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After making the decision to become an EMT you have a lot of work ahead of you. EMT’s, or Emergency Medical Technicians, are trained first responders. To be prepared to pass the EMT testing and secure a job you will need to work hard and dedicate a lot of time. Once you get a job as an EMT, be prepared for working long hours and odd schedules. Being an EMT is a break from the normal 9-5 job. To get started, find a school that offers an EMT basic program. You can find programs at a local college, technical schools and sometimes through your local EMT department. Some classes will be more flexible that others and there may be some prerequisites required depending on where you are taking your EMT basic course.

With all of your options the one thing you need to remember is that the course needs to prepare you for the national EMT test. You will have to put in a lot of studying to be able to pass your EMT testing. A great way to prepare for testing is to take a practice test at www.emttest.org



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If you decide to take a course from your local college you may be able to complete some of your classes online. This could be very beneficial if you are working full time. A schedule that works around your will be very important if you don’t have a lot of free time.

Technical schools can be a quick way to get through an EMT program. Usually technical schools are very specific and you won’t have to take a lot of other classes. Find a school with a good reputation and accreditations. The program will take a lot of dedication so you want to make sure you find a program you will be happy with.

Speaking to someone that already works as an EMT can be a great place to start. Some departments will host EMT classes. Contact your local department to see if you can set up a tour of their department and meet with someone that can answer questions you may have about the training and being an EMT.